Carnival Week – Flower Carnival Programs in Debrecen Between August 14th-20th

Culture Party Zone

On Monday, August 14th, the programs of the carnival week preceding the 2023 Debrecen Flower Carnival will begin. The offer is plentiful: cultural, entertainment, gastronomic and of course, FLOWER programs await the citizens of Debrecen and the tourists visiting Debrecen.

Programs of the 2023 carnival week Monday, August 14th


 41. Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition

August 9th • 18:00 – August 23 • 18:00

Csapó Street pedestrian zone, Csapó Street 1-35.

The Főnix Rendezvényszégeró Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. respectfully invites you and your art-loving friends to the opening of the 41st Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition, which will be held on August 9th, 2023 at 6 p.m. in the Csapó Street pedestrian zone.

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15. Debrecen Chess Carnival

August 13th • 1 p.m. – August 19th • 4 p.m

DSZC Beregszászi Pál Technikum, Jerikó road 17.

The international chess tournament provides an opportunity for both chess lovers and competitors to compare their skills with players of a similar level. At the Chess Carnival, in addition to traditional competitions, participants can also play interesting chess variations: tandem, Chess960, FISCHER, Schnell competition.

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Flowery city

August 14th • 00:00 – August 20th • 00:00

During the Flower Carnival, not only the parks and public squares are filled with flowers in Debrecen! Flower installations and flower sculptures appear all over the city. Among other things, visitors can take photos with a huge butterfly wing courtesy of DIEHL Aviation. Thanks to the Immánuel Otthon, the fence of the Memorial Garden behind the Great Church will be decorated with handmade, unique flowers, while in front of the Main Building of the University of Debrecen, not only the world of the botanical garden will come to life, but also the public sculptures will be dressed in flowers.

Thanks to the support of Krones and Alföldi Nyomda, flourishing tram stops welcome passengers on Kálvin Square, but this year the city center will also be enriched with 30 flower towers and 10 flower information boards. Look for it in the following places: Great Temple / Kossuth Square / Memorial Garden / Dósa Nádor Square / Aranybika / Kölcsey Center / Déri Square / Debreceni Cultural Park / University Square


Flower Islands

August 14th • 00:00 – August 20th • 00:00

University of Debrecen, Egyetem Square 1.

The flower islands at the University of Debrecen refer to the university’s diversity, presenting several plant communities. The three islands, connected by a path, showcase the wildlife of the desert, savannah and rainforest, complete with plenty of flowering plants. The flora of the islands is provided by the plants in the Botanical Garden and the potted flowers grown for this purpose. All three islands also act as selfie points. In addition to the islands, the statues of the fountain will also be dressed in flowers.


Playmobil Exhibition

August 14th • 10:00 a.m. – August 20th • 6:00 p.m

Kölcsey Center, Hunyadi Street 1-3.

Visitors can have an adventure in the world of pirates, fairies, dragons and knights! You can meet the characters of How to Train Your Dragon, Super 4 or Ghostbusters.

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With hand and soul | Handmade Market

August 14th • 10 a.m. – August 20th • 9 p.m

Market street Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar county 4025 Hungary

Wooden toys, kitchen products, ceramics, hats, jewelry, accessories, books, sweets, organic and reform foods await visitors on the handmade products shopping street.


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Beer by Lake

August 14th • 3:00 p.m Nagyerdei Park Debrecen

As the Debrecen audience and the crowds visiting the Debrecen Flower Carnival have become accustomed to, this year the festival week cannot pass without the highly successful Nagyerdei Sörkert. The event, which has a 10-year tradition, is renewed and expanded with completely new elements. 30 domestic craft breweries will bring the best of their offerings to the unique atmospheric natural environment surrounding Békás Lake, where many well-known performers, bands and gastronomic influencers will take the stage. Guests can take part in thematic walks and workshops, learn about different beers, breweries, flavors and the exciting customs associated with their preparation, but there are also social games (e.g. beer pong, quiz) that together ensure a carefree relaxation experience.

Breweries: BAZ Beer / The Beertailor / Békésszentandrasi Sörmanufaktúra / Brew Your Mind / Brewing Vibes / Csíki Sör Manufaktúra / Debreceni Sör / Fekete Péter Manufaktúra / FIRST Craft Beer / Fóti Kézműves Sörfózde / Guri Sörfózde / Hajdú Brewery / Hedon / Hoptop Brewery / Horizont Brewing / Hübris Brewery / Kiro Brewery / Ludas Sör / MONYO Brewing Co. / NOPARA gyógySERtár / Nyíregyházi Sör / Rizmajer / SIMA brewing / Tacet Brewery / TIMCO Brewing / Ugar Brewery


August 14th

18:00 Új Judit film presentation and discussion about the history of brewing in Debrecen

August 15th

18:00 Sörpong championship

18:00 Alexa Lóránd: Misfortune class

August 16th

18:00 Sörpong championship

18:00 Dávid Martinás: About guerrilla brewing

August 17th

18:00 Sörpong championship

18:30 Discussion by beer expert and blogger Gábor “Beerporn” Knap Gábor Knap, beer expert blogger, provides a comprehensive overview of the history of Hungarian brewing. From the conversation, we can learn about the beginnings of small-scale brewing, the operation of industrial breweries, and the emergence of domestic artisans. With the audience, you can discover the world of beers enriched with local characteristics and learn about the latest beer fashions and trends.

23:00 Tom White & the Mad Circus Hungary’s craziest rockabilly band

August 18th

10:00 Hortobágy is coming to Ház! The Hortobágy National Park is 50 years old

18:00 Sörpong championship 21:00 Kerekes Band concert and laser show with the participation of the Debrecen Hajdú Dance Ensemble

August 19th

18:00 Final – Sörpong championship

18:30 Szilárd Nyíri: One beer

19:30 Róbert Winkler’s beer presentation 23:30 Andro

August 20th

15:30 Dynamite Dudes

16:30 Dynamite Dudes

17:00 Márton Csanád: “BREWSTUDIO” performance In his podium discussion, beer expert Márton Csanád provides a comprehensive picture of the diverse world of beer history, the development of beer cultures, changes in beer gastronomy and current trends.

18:00 and 19:00 BREWSTUDIO beer tasting workshop: Participants can learn to taste beer in a professional way and get to know 4 different types of beer. Ticket price: HUF 3,000/occasion 18:30 Dynamite Dudes Resident of the event: DJ Lina

Budapest Illustration Festival

August 15th • 18:00 – August 29th • 18:00

Bényi Gallery, Hunyadi street 1-3.

The Főnix Rendezvényszégeró Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. respectfully invites you and your art-loving friends to the Budapest Illustration Festival to be held at the Bényi Gallery on August 15th, 2023 at 6 p.m.

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Hungarikum Gala

August 15th • 9:00 p.m Kossuth Square

The all-arts gala show featuring more than 100 stage performers takes turns on national values, traditions, pride, and Hungarian traditions.

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The oeuvre of Ágoston Véső Munkácsy award-winning Transylvanian Hungarian painter

August 16th • 4:00 p.m Partium house, Piac street 81.

Ágoston Véső’s works can be found in the city museums of Nagybánya and Szatmár, the Hungarian National Gallery, and private collections in Transylvania and abroad. His works have appeared in numerous domestic and international exhibitions.

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Floral programs – Karakter

August 16th • 5:00 p.m. – August 18th • 4:00 p.m

Character 1517 Bookstore and Cafe, Memorial Garden

The Karakter 1517 Bookstore and Café awaits you during the Flower Carnival with numerous community programs.

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Night of the Classics

August 16th • 20:30 – 23:30 Kossuth Square

The masterpieces performed at this year’s Night of the Classics were created in the spirit of romanticism and baroque style.

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Galiba Children’s Festival

August 17th • 14:00 – August 20th • 20:00

Debrecen Zoo, Botanical Garden and Amusement Park

The Galiba Children’s Festival once again awaits families with exciting programs in the country’s only permanent amusement park, which has been a real experience center for generations for six decades.

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Hajdú 70

August 17th • 15:00 – 20:00 Kossuth Square

The public can watch the large-scale show of the 70-year-old Hajdú Dance Ensemble with five folk dance ensembles and three hundred dancers.

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Galiba running bike race: Csibém Csibefutam

August 17th • 5:00 p.m Debrecen Zoo, Botanical Garden and Amusement Park

For the first time, we are organizing the running bike race of the Galiba Children’s Festival Csibém Csibefutam, which is supported by the Tranzit group. It will be held on August 17th, 2023, at the KRESZ track of the Debrecen amusement park. Registered children can measure themselves on the competition course in three age groups.

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The city is dancing!

August 17th • 5:00 p.m. – August 20th • 9:15 p.m

This year, Táncol a város is preparing spectacular productions! art groups. During the carnival week, more than 1,500 talented dancers dazzle the revelers in the city center. What’s more! This year, the carnival-goers will be made to dance, and they will come with interactive dances and a dance hall to invite the public to the fiesta.

August 17th

17:00-20:00 Kossuth square

17:00-21:00 Dósa nádor Square

17:00-21:00 Csapó Street

August 18th

17:00-20:00 Kossuth square

17:00-21:00 Csapó Street

18:00-19:30 Dósa nádor Square

August 19th

17:00-20:00 Csapó Street

17:00-21:00 Dósa nádor Square

18:00-18:30 Kossuth square

August 20th

15:00-19:30 Kossuth square

15:00-20:00 Csapó Street

20:45-21:15 Dósa nádor Square


Participating teams:

Red Stars Dance Crew / Amirah Belly Dancing and Movement Studio / Balancé Dance School / Claudia’s Angels Studio / Dance Universe Dance Sports Association / Debrecen Linedance Club / Debrecen Freestyle Dance Club Dance and Sports Association / Debrecen Hajdú Dance Group / Debrecen Majorette Group / Debrecen Folk Group / Diamond Fitness Sports Association / Eastsiders Hip Hop / EviDance Sports Association / Feeling Dance and Cheerleading Association / FittDance Sports Association / Fónix Folk Dance Group / Főnix Fire Jugglers Acrobatic Group / Hajdúszoboszló Főnix Spectacular Dance and Cheerleading Sports Association / Harmony-Dance Stylers / Happy-Time Dance School / Kangaroo Dance Sports Association / LESZ DANCE Dance and Sports Association / Nailah Belly Dance Studio / Pirouette Dance Studio / Positív Centrum Dance Arts Association – Positive Dance / R&B Dance Hip Hop Dance School / Sárközy Ballet and Stage Dance School / Waltz Dance Studio / Yanara Belly Dance Trio


Balázs Szabó’s Band Concert

August 17th • 9:00 p.m

Kossuth Square

The band is one of the most popular formations in our country, moreover, it achieved all this with a completely unique, boundary-breaking and genre-building performance from the world of chants, fed by Hungarian folk music, with elements of pop, rock, funk and chamber music.

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Hortobágy is coming you!

August 18th • 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

Nagyerdei Park

Family programs for young and old: Snowmen, storytellers, street performers, puppet shows, nature and folk games.

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August 18th • 12:00 – August 20th • 20:00

Kölcsey Center, Hunyadi Street 1-3.

The flower and horticulture exhibition and fair awaits those interested with colorful programs – including presentations on garden construction, flower and garden care, as well as environmental protection and sustainability practices, a succulent and cactus fair, houseplant specialties and a plant exchange point.

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Magical Hungary

August 18th • 3:00 p.m. – September 16th • 6:00 p.m

Kölcsey Center, Hunyadi Street 1-3.

The exhibition’s mission is to open a window to the natural treasures of the country’s national parks through nature photos and draw attention to the importance of nature conservation.

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Flower Garden

August 18th • 3:00 p.m

DEMKI Youth House, Simonffy street 21.

At the event, children and adults are welcome with crafts, a photo wall and face painting, and visitors can also watch a presentation by several local dance groups: they dazzle the interested with elements of impressive fire dance, pole dance, air dance and acrobatic show dance. During the evening, Sicilian singer Luca Balduccio, Gusto Cubano and Krisz Rudi will also take the stage.

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Batthyány Flower Festival

August 18th • 16:00 – 22:00 Batthyány street

The Debrecen Creative Community also awaits you with colorful programs during the carnival week. The members of the community are the shops and associations of Batthyány pedestrian street. The Halloween street festival, the Spring Rhyme Festival, and the Batthyány Latin dance evening can be linked to their name.

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“Take off the mask!” – series of literary discussions

August 18th • 4:00 p.m

Character 1517 Bookstore and Cafe, Memorial Garden

Magda Szabó is still teaching us 15 years after her death. Preserving her memory and passing on her thoughts, we can take part in a series of four-part discussions based on the Planall Magda Szabó Calendar.

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Botanica Cup – II. International Flower Arranging Competition

August 18th • 5:00 p.m. – August 19th • 7:00 p.m

This unusual competition provides an opportunity for florists from different countries to present their creativity and craftsmanship to the general public.

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BMW IFACTORY career island

August 18th • 5:00 p.m. – August 20th • 6:00 p.m

Dósa nádor square

One of Debrecen’s most popular squares turns into a real experience island during the Flower Carnival. In addition to the children’s and family programs, dance productions, high-quality concerts and a frenzied salsa evening, visitors are welcomed with a rest area, comfortable bean bags, a quiz and prizes throughout the weekend.

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Flower of the Worlds – Planting roses in the spirit of unity

August 18th • 6:00 p.m

Székelyek park, Medgyessy promenade 8.

It has been a tradition for many years during the Debrecen Flower Carnival that art groups from different parts of the world plant the Székelyek park with the Hungarian rose, known as hungaricum, together with the Hungarian performers, bringing a handful of farmland from their own country.

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Night Ride

August 18th • 7:00 p.m

II. Pope John Paul Square

There is a night in Debrecen when the streets are not loud with the sound of car horns, but with the jingling of bicycle bells, and flashing bicycle lights instead of car headlights make the city atmospheric. Be a part of this unique experience, when the cleared streets are yours together with thousands of fellow cyclists.

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Follow The Flow Concert

August 18th • 9:00 p.m

Kossuth Square

Paying great attention to stage shows and live music, Follow The Flow regularly fills the country’s concert halls from the beginning, attracting large crowds to all major domestic festivals.

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Kerekes Band with the Debrecen Hajdú Dance Group

August 18th • 9:00 p.m

Nagyerdei Park

Kerekes Band concert at the Békás lake in Debrecen at the “Hortobágy comes to the house” event to be held on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Hortobágy National Park.

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Debrecen and Hajdú-Bihar County Folk Art Association fair

August 19th • 10 a.m. – August 20th • 9 p.m

Kossuth Square,

The folk handicraft values ​​of Debrecen and the region are presented: they offer qualified, unique creations, clothing accessories, and home textiles made from natural materials, using handcraft techniques.

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Wellhello Concert

August 19th • 9:00 p.m

Many of Fluor Tomi and Diaz’s distinctive, sometimes socially critical, sometimes unbridled partying lyrics have not only become memes, but have practically become part of the common language.

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Carnival Bicycle Parade

August 20th • 07:30 – 09:00

Cyclists can cycle along the carnival route with their bikes decorated with flowers, accompanied by the encouragement of enthusiastic spectators. Be a part of the carnival parade, please register and have the most flowery bike!

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Carnival experience run

August 20th • 08:00 – 10:00

Baltázár Dezső Square

Fun, sports and bright colors are the focus of the only 2.6 kilometer experience run before the flower carnival parade. Before the start, the participants throw the powder paint into the air at the same time, and then they can run from under the huge colorful cloud, along the carnival route, accompanied by the encouragement of enthusiastic spectators.

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Ceremonial flag raising, consecration of bread and festive program

August 20th • 08:20

Kossuth Square

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Oldtimer parade

August 20th • 08:50

Hatvan street – Nagyerdei Stadium

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Carnival parade

August 20th • 09:00

Rózsa street – Kossuth square – Kölcsey Center – Bethlen street – Honvéd street – Diehl stand (Egyetem Blvd.-Füredi road corner) – Nagy Lajos Király square – Nagyerdei Stadium

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Debrecen Grand Prix International Motcross competition

August 20th • 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m

Pál Perényi Slag Motor Stadium, Gázvezeték street 35.

After the 20 main races, the best five drivers compete in the finals of the international dirt bike race with the greatest tradition in Hungary and which attracts the most spectators.

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Impressions, improvisations 2.0

August 20th • 2:00 p.m

Déri square

Arts meet in the cozy Déri square, where movements created by music and impressions born of the moment bring to life the themes on the canvases: lights, colors, sounds and movements in the embrace of the easels.

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Boban Markovič Orkestar and Branka Básits

August 20th • 9:00 p.m

Kossuth Square

Boban Marković and his band have achieved everything that can be achieved with a band: many awards, hundreds of thousands of records sold, hundreds of concerts, tens of thousands of fans listening to their music, wherever they play.

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Carnival Fiesta with Náksi

August 20th • 10:30 p.m

Kossuth Square

Finally, we say goodbye to the summer with a wild carnival street party, where the Spanish feathered costumes, Brazilian samba dancers and the most spectacular carnival contributors will reappear, this time inviting everyone to dance together.

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