Households and non-financial corporations in the euro area: third quarter of 2019

The annual growth rate of loans to households stood at 3.5% in the third quarter of 2019, after 3.4% in the previous quarter. The financial investment of households increased at a broadly unchanged rate of 2.4% and their gross non-financial investment increased at a higher rate of 4.9% (after 4.4%), while their net worth increased at a higher rate of 5.3% (after 4.3%).

Advocate General Szpunar proposes that the Court should rule that the victims of the sinking of a ship flying the Panamanian flag can bring an action for damages before the Italian courts against the Italian bodies which classified and certified that ship

On 3 February 2006, in the international waters of the Red Sea, more than a thousand people were victims of the sinking of the Panamanian-flagged ship Al Salam Boccaccio 98.