Freedom Dance! – Movie Night and Discussion with Steven Fischer director

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The American Corner Debrecen organizes a movie night on Tuesday, 4 November at 6 pm.

Come and watch a short animated movie by Steven Fischer who is a two-time Emmy® nominated writer/producer and digital cinematographer of fiction, non-fiction, and animated stories.

Freedom Dance (animated documentary, 29 mins, 2007) documents four months in the lives of artist Edward Hilbert and his wife, Judy, as refugees defiantly leaving Communist Hungary during the violent 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Along the way, Edward kept a journal in cartoon form detailing a trip defined by adventure. This animated documentary attempts to re-tell the Hilberts’ eventful escape by inter-cutting original character-driven animation with recorded interviews and photographs.

Steven Fischer’s films have received numerous awards including: Two Emmy Award nominations, CINE Masters Series Award, 7 Telly Awards, 2 CINE Golden Eagle Awards, and 2 Gold Remi Awards. Fischer is a Fulbright recipient in Hungary, and sought internationally to speak on creativity.

Discussion to be followed with Steven Fischer director.

More info about the movie:

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