Tourism Agency Launches Big Data-Based Information Website


The Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) is launching an information website based on big data collected in Hungarian tourism, featuring analyses and articles on the sector.


MTÜ deputy chief executive Zsófia Jakab noted at a press conference on Tuesday that Hungary launched a national data collection centre (NTAK) in 2019, laying the groundwork for “data-driven decision-making unique Europe”. The system provides data on guest nights, locations, ethnicity and other information regarding 45,000 accommodations nationwide, she added.
The new information website,, will provide analysis of tourist regions and domestic and foreign demand, among other things, she said. It will contribute to boosting the sector’s competitiveness and to the government’s aim to turn Hungary into the most popular destination in central Europe, she added. Ádám Czelleng, MTÜ’s director responsible for research and training, said NTAK data will be matched with data based on mobile phone and credit card usage, and data from internet searches, social media profiles and airports.


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