Under the Leadership of Zoltán Beck, the University of Music Course Launched Again at the University of Pécs


Among other things, the musicians’ communication with each other and with the audience is scientifically investigated in the course of the (PTE) University of Music (ZEN) program at the University of Pécs in the fall semester.

It was recalled in the announcement sent to MTI by the university of Pécs: the complex program, which has been operating for more than ten years, has also brought various elements of popular music culture into the university-academic space.
This time, former students of PTE, such as double bass artist Péter Baksa, sound engineer Zoltán Csurgai, researcher Ádám Guld, production specialist Zsanett Marton, light music manager Barbara Tóth, HR manager Enikő Végh, are holding courses in which students of the institution can participate.

According to Zoltán Beck, assistant professor of the university’s Faculty of Humanities, frontman of the band 30Y, leader of ZEN, the autumn 2022 ZEN semester “focuses on the topic of communication”.

The course tries to find answers to questions such as how we can address each other in society, how we can create a musical sound that is ready for dialogue, how musicians can address each other, and how real communication can take place between the music profession, musicians and among the audience – the popular musician said, adding: they deal with the scientific interpretation frameworks of everything as well as their everyday practice.

Attention was drawn to the fact that all ZEN courses are free to attend, and students can apply for them from any faculty or major.

More details about the program can be found at zen.pte.hu.


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