Dr Lenkei against the medical mafia

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Dr Gábor Lenkei, who graduated at the University of the Medical and Health Science Center of Debrecen in 1986, is trying to expose the medical mafia.

Dr Lenkei published many books in this topic; one of them, the “Censored Health” was also published in English. Besides writing, he also holds lectures on how to remain healthy without any medicine.


Salt and water for headache

The doctor says that to stay healthy, the body needs three things: water, oxygen and nutriments. 95% of the people do not drink enough water however the body needs 4-5 liters per day.

The most common reason of headaches is the lack of water and salt. Instead of taking pills, people should eat a teaspoon of salt and then drink 1 liter of water and the headache goes away.

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