Study in Hungary: An all-inclusive guide for Erasmus students

The Erasmus+ programmes provide excellent opportunities for students and trainees alike to widen their horizons, get a taste of a new culture as well as improve their foreign language skills. If you are eyeing up Hungary on the map as the next destination of your study-abroad adventures, check out our all-inclusive guide designed for Erasmus […]

The creation of the skill-laboratory network in healthcare has been completed

The General Directorate of the National Hospital, the University of Debrecen, the University of Pécs, and the University of Szeged has created a national skills laboratory network in a consortium partnership: in the three university centers and the sixteen county teaching hospital laboratories, practical training in diagnostic, therapeutic and life-saving interventions has become possible in […]

Under the Leadership of Zoltán Beck, the University of Music Course Launched Again at the University of Pécs

Among other things, the musicians’ communication with each other and with the audience is scientifically investigated in the course of the (PTE) University of Music (ZEN) program at the University of Pécs in the fall semester.

The University of Debrecen Launches a Space Science Training

With the cooperation of seventeen Hungarian universities, four advanced courses in space science will be launched in Hungary as part of the UniSpace program. The National Public Service University (NKE), which is responsible for coordinating the UniSpace Hungary Consortium, informed MTI on Tuesday: in accordance with the goals of the space strategy adopted by the […]