“Sure, We Have Plenty of Money for These!” – Debrecen Handball Hall Has Been Damaged


Unknown perpetrators damaged the freshly painted and insulated wall of the Hódos Imre Event Hall in Debrecen. The maintainer of the hall DVSC Kézilabda Kft. filed a complaint, the club’s official website has reported.

“The renovation of the Imre Hódos Event Hall began at the beginning of the summer. The outer walls were insulated with a thickness of 20 centimeters, which was then covered with white plaster. In addition, the aged tin cornices will be replaced, the iron structures will be repainted and the worn-out outdoor false ceiling will be replaced. The latter has energy-saving LED lighting. The DVSC Handball club does everything possible to operate and develop the hall with the care of a good owner. In the spirit of responsible management, we have insulated the facility, as this can save significant costs during the heating season and thus make it more comfortable for the players, the academy children and our fans. 

We are baffled by this kind of vandalism. We would like to believe that it was not done by the community that has been speaking about how much it supports our team,” the club wrote. The culprit pinged a sentence on the wall: “Sure, we have plenty of money for such things!” The club reacted to this: they are always trying to spend money on improvements that make the operation of the hall easier and more comfortable.

Photo in the article: dvsckezilabda.hu
Main photo: István Derencsényi / MTI

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