A girl from Debrecen wrote sports history in Birmingham


Hungarian athletes won two golds and a total of four medals on the fourth day of the 11th World Games in Birmingham, USA.

Vanda Kiszli won the short distance for the marathon kayakers, Zsóka Csikos won the bronze medal, while Noé Bálint finished in fifth place for the men – according to the Hungarian press team of the World Games.

“This is all unbelievable! It’s unbelievable that I could win. In the past, I always said that I would do my job and give everything for the games. Of course, I always secretly dreamed of being the fastest in the 3.4-kilometer distance. And it came true!” – the announcement quoted Vanda Kiszli.

In the swimming pool, the water and lifeguards won a gold and a silver this time. In the 4×50 meter medley relay, the men – Szebasztián Szabó, Bence Gyárfás, Krisztián Takács, Gábor Balog, Mátyás Giczi – beat everyone else and won with a World Games record of 1:26.53 minutes.

Gábor Balog said after the announcement of the result that the backbone of the relay team has been together for a long time, and Sebasztián Szabó brought new momentum to the team. “I trust that saving lives will come to the fore a little more. The World Games was a great opportunity for Hungarian water and lifesaving to make its mark,” said the two-time World Games winner.

The women’s relay consisting of Petra Senánszky, Fanni Gyurinovics, Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Panna Ugrai, and Evelyn Verrasztó finished second behind the Germans and ahead of the Italians.

“I’m glad I was here. I finished with a gold, a silver, and a personal best in the women’s 200-meter hurdles. A very good team came together, and I’m particularly happy that with our results we perhaps gave a little more attention on this sport,” emphasized Zsuzsanna Jakabos.

Petra Senánszky won her third gold medal in Birmingham: she won twice in fin swimming and once in water and lifesaving. In addition, he also collected a silver in both sports. The communique highlighted that he is the first athlete to win gold medals in two different sports at the same World Games.

“I prepared more for fin swimming, and in water and lifesaving, I knew that I would have excellent partners in the relay since we are talking about swimmers who have been to several Olympics. I’m very happy that I managed to get the best out of myself on all fronts,” explained Petra Senánszky, after receiving the Competitor of the Day award. The swimmer from Debrecen traveled straight from Alabama to Cali, Colombia, where the World Fin Swimming Championships will be held from next Monday.

In the 4×25 meter manikin baby relay, the women finished sixth and the men seventh. In roller skating, Dominika Gardi finished in 11th place in the 15,000-meter elimination race by falling after she was unable to avoid the Italian roller skater who fell in front of her. The final and official results of the drone competition, which ended on Sunday, were published on Monday, according to which Roland Rontó finished the competition in 13th place.

So far, competitors from 48 nations have won medals at the World Games. The Germans lead the medal table, and Hungary is in the prestigious 5th place with 8 gold, 5 silver, and 5 bronze. Hungary will be represented by 59 athletes in 17 sports at the event in Birmingham.



Photo: Petra Senánszky, Facebook

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