Dead Body Found at the Scene of the Mass Accident on M1 Motorway


A dead body was found under one of the burned-out car wrecks during the technical rescue of the mass traffic accident on M1 motorway, the Budapest Police Headquarters announced on on Saturday night. According to the police statement, the person who died in the accident was found during the removal of the car wreckage. The on-site inspection is currently ongoing.

According to a previous statement from the police, five trucks and 37 cars collided at the 26th kilometer section of M1 motorway, on the side leading out of the capital. Based on primary data, 19 vehicles burned out of the five trucks and 37 cars involved in the accident. The rescuers arrived at the scene with four helicopters and 16 ambulances, and took 39 people to hospitals in four settlements – Győr, Tatabánya, Székesfehérvár and Budapest. In the mass accident, ten children were injured, four of them seriously and six lightly, as well as twenty-nine adults, ten of whom were seriously injured, while nineteen were slightly injured, Pál Győrfi, the spokesperson of the National Ambulance Service, told MTI earlier.

The Magyar Koncessziós Infrastruktúra Fejlsztő (MKIF) Zrt. announced on its social network site that the accident could have been caused by blowing of dust, which may have caused a sudden decrease in visibility.

The MKIF drew attention to the fact that, due to the circumstances of the accident, the removal of the wreckage will take more time than usual. In addition, the mud created during dust blowing and extinguishing burning vehicles makes cleaning difficult. The highway can be reopened after the wreckage has been removed and the road has been cleaned. According to Útinform, the traffic on the closed highway was diverted to main road no. 1, from Budapest at the Herceghalom junction with the 27 sign, and from Győr at the Bicske junction with the 39 sign.

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