Man Who Murdered His Host and Roommate Has Been Sentenced to Nineteen Years in Prison


On Wednesday, the Budapest District Court sentenced the man who killed his host and roommate with an ax back in 2020 to nineteen years in prison. The judgment is not final.

The three men often drank as a trio, but “their relationship was not without quarrels”. One evening in April 2020, the defendant consumed amphetamines and then played on the computer while deciding to kill his roommates. He took the ax with him and then killed the two men – the court wrote in the statement sent to MTI.

The accused first informed his father about what had happened, and later the ambulance and the police. He told the dispatcher that he had been beaten, abused and raped by her roommates. The prosecutor took note of the court’s decision, the accused and the defense filed an appeal due to the wrong classification and for the sake of mitigation, therefore the verdict is not final – read the announcement.


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