Car and Train Collided – A Woman and a Child Have Died


A train from Pécs to Dombóvár collided with a car at Sásd on Thursday afternoon. Due to the accident, trains between Sásd and Godisa railway stations were not expected to run until late in the evening, Mávinform announced on its website.

The woman driving the car and a child died on the spot. They wrote that the accident happened in Sásd, at the Temető street railway crossing. The light barrier worked well, it indicated a prohibition. They added: as a result of the collision, one axle of the train derailed. No one was injured on the train. Train traffic between Sásd and Godisa was suspended until the end of the scene investigation and technical rescue, and replacement buses were running.

Due to the transfers, travel time on the Budapest-Pusztaszabolcs-Pécs line was one to one and a half hours longer. The Baranya County Police Headquarters wrote on its website that the woman driving the car and a child died on the spot in the accident, while the care of one child is still ongoing. The section of the road affected by the accident was completely closed for the duration of the investigation.

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