Parties for Saturday, 27 September

Party Zone

Club Vision: Vision Saturday with DJ Harsányi, Pálóczi and Lexstino

Club Mix: Mix Saturday

My Friends Club: Saturday Party with DJ Pufi

Loft Bar: Attila Müller live saxophone, Larion Zoe go-go dance show, DJ Greg Trade and DJ Stamer

Club Chicago: Chicago Retro Party

Bakelit Music Café: Satruday Party with drink discounts

Bárka Music Pub: Last Night – Closing Party with drink discounts

Mokka Drink Bar: Mokka Disco with Giocator

Bisztró Bar: Saturday Party with drink discounts

Roncsbar: Scary Guyz – Metallica tribute/Reckless Roses – Guns N’ Roses tribute

Incognito Club: Inco Saturday Party

Neon City & Garden: Neon Retro Party with drink discounts

Tequila Bar: Tequila Retro Party with DJ Sunny

Füredi Söröző: Saturday Party with drink discounts

Romker: I Love Romker Party with DJ Carry

Dharma Club: sub NIGHT with Monocraft, Dirty Ice, Make Faith and Forgotten Dreams


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