Parties for Wednesday, 30 April

Party Zone

Club Vision: University Wednesday

Butiq: Culture House with Németi and Stamer

Incognito Club: Drums’ Wednesday

Neon City & Garden: Campus Pre Party with drink discounts

Lovarda: Campus Party with Chris Lawyer and DJ PéGé

Mokka Drink Bar: Mokka Wednesday with Lionel

Bisztró Bar: Wednesday Party with drink discounts

Bárka Music Pub: Wednesday Party with drink discounts

Roncsbar: Anna and the Barbies and Odett and the Go Girlz concerts

Club Mix: University Wednesday

Sikk Club: International Jazz Day with Artézis Trió and Jazz Five concerts

White Angel: Night of Seduction

Dharma Club: subNIGHT & CivisGround presents The Judge Brothers

Kaptár Club: Ramones Mania and They’Red Hot (Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute) concerts

Kazánház: Chris Lawyer and DJ Szebeni

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