A Cold Front Has Arrived – Weather Alert Issued Throughout the Country


A cold front is passing over our country, which will cause showers and thunderstorms in many places in the country from Wednesday night to Friday morning.

According to the National Meteorological Service (OMSZ), the conditions necessary for thunderstorms are present in the eastern half of the country, and the chance of thunderstorms is decreasing elsewhere. The main source of danger will be downpours (35-50 mm of precipitation in a short time). Especially in the area of ​​the Northern Central Mountains and Northern Great Plains, precipitation exceeding 50-80 mm may fall locally from repeated cell migrations, as a result of which there is also a risk of local flash floods. Thunderstorms are expected to disappear in most places by evening, but the atmosphere may remain active even at night, especially in the southeast. The National Meteorological Service has therefore issued a first-degree warning for the entire country due to the threat of thunderstorms, and a second-degree warning is in effect in several eastern counties due to the downpours.

The predominantly westerly, northwesterly wind will be brisk over a large area, sometimes strong. During thunderstorms, there may be temporary gusts of wind. The highest daytime temperature on Thursday is expected to be between 21 and 29 degrees, and it will be warmer in the southeast.


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