Peak of Third Wave in Sight


The third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Hungary appears to be peaking, the chief medical officer told an online press briefing on Thursday, citing the latest case numbers.


Given that the British variant is the dominant strain of the virus in the country, it is hard to say how long the plateau will last, Cecília Müller said. “That also depends on us,” she said, emphasising the importance of following Covid-19 guidelines, even for those who are fully inoculated. Müller said it was crucial to bear in mind that while those who have been vaccinated are protected against Covid, many were still waiting for their first vaccine dose.

Meanwhile, Hungary’s government has extended coronavirus-related restrictions until April 19, a deputy leader of the operative board responsible for handling the pandemic said on Thursday. Lieutenant Colonel Róbert Kiss told an online press briefing that the current rules applying to mask-wearing, gatherings, the hospitality sector, recreation centres, schools and the Schengen borders will remain in effect for the next week and a half.

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