Gulyás: Corona measures effective

The government can give up its special powers thanks to the effectiveness of the fight against the epidemic, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office has said.

Hungary’s stringent measures put it in a category of countries that have not seen mass infections, Gergely Gulyás told an online press briefing, adding that the virus was under control. The health system must remain alert and prepared, however. This means hospitals will continue to operate under their current management structure and the chief medical officer and the government will be given special authority to handle the epidemic, Gulyás said. This can include the power to uphold shopping time restrictions for the elderly and a ban on organising events, he said. As regards the end of the government’s emergency powers, Gulyás said the guarantees enshrined in the constitution will be back in effect by June 20 at the latest. However, mass gatherings that make it easier for the virus to spread will still not be allowed, he added. The status of the restrictions in Budapest is also changing, allowing the capital to restart life according to a strict schedule, Gulyás said. Restaurants will also be allowed to reopen, giving the sector a chance to start making up for its losses, he added.



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