Hungarian Government Builds Hospitals in Kenya Using 35 Million USD Aid


Hungary agreed to launch a $ 50 million loan aid program with Kenya, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said in a press conference in Budapest last Thursday after he had talked with Foreign Minister Monica Juma in Kenya.

For $ 35 million, two hospitals will be built by Hungarian companies in Kenya, $ 10 million will be used for food industry improvements, while $ 5 million goes for investments in modernizing irrigation systems” – he added.

Peter Szijjártó said that the challenges the European Union faces had a strong security dimension. Migration pressures are increasing in the south and southeast, which means that there is a growing terrorist threat, he added.

He believes that “it is crucial to work together with those African countries that are partners in addressing the root causes of migration, in coordinating the fight against terrorism, and in increasing states’ ability to retain populations to keep pace with population growth.”

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