US Embassy says new posters of journalists are hateful and anti-Semitic


Posters of journalists András Dezső and Gábor Miklósi appeared in Budapest at the weekend. The US Embassy and IsraelinHungary called upon the relevant authorities to act.

US Embassy tweeted the followings about the posters: “We condemn the hateful and anti-Semitic attacks against journalists Andras Dezso and Gabor Miklosi. Such repugnant displays have no place in the modern world, and we call upon the relevant authorities to take appropriate action.”

IsraelinHungary tweeted: “We strongly condemn the poster in the picture which contains anti-Semitic and anti-Israel symbols and insinuations. There is no room for racism, incitement and hate in any dialogue. We have full confidence that the relevant Hungarian authorities will have posters like this removed.”



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