Antique Roman Coins Found in Baranya County


According to the available information, in Baranya county, a volunteer has found more than 2000 antique Roman bronze coins from the 4th century.

The small coins were found in a well-known site in the southern part of Baranya county by a volunteer.

Olivér Gábor, archeologist at the Janus Pannonius Museum, said that this amount of antique money can rarely be found, although Roman finds may have been probable at the site. He also told that the coins were discovered by a volunteer site explorer who is an ethical metal detecting amateur researcher contracted by the Janus Pannonius Museum. This means that he can do his researches with the permission of a government agency and he hands over the finds to the museum with the exact location of the site.

The museum is planning to open a special display next year presenting the Roman coins that have been found recently.



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