Budapest Airport Introduces Special Measures Due to the Rush of the Next Few Days


Extraordinary measures are being taken at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport due to the extremely high passenger traffic expected in late July and early August.

According to MTI, the Maccabi Europe Games, the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix and the Sziget Festival are expected to generate heavy traffic at the airport, with passenger numbers exceeding 50,000 per day several times.

A new corridor for passenger screening has been installed to speed up traffic, and a waiting time warning system also helps the passengers at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. In addition, early baggage check-in is possible at the airport: luggage can be left several hours before departure. The airport maintenance staff is prepared with reinforced terminal operation, security service, parking control and cleaning service.

Athletes and supporters are expected to arrive for the Maccabi Europe Games before the 29th of July. Next week, the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix will take place, which is going to increase not only scheduled but also business jet traffic. During the first days of August, more people are expected to travel due to the arrival of the above mentioned two events, as well as those arriving to the Sziget and Ozora festivals.

Budapest Airport requires passengers to arrive at the airport earlier than usual, at least two hours prior to departure, due to heavy traffic.


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