“Smart Water” is Produced in Hungary


The technology required to produce smart water in Europe has so far been applied only in Great Britain and the Netherlands.Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has expanded its production capacity in their factory located in Zalaszentgrót with a 1.8 billion HuF investment. The company has launched a new premium product – called bottled “smart water” – for the markets of several countries. Their new product is made of mineral water from Zalaszentgrót, and with a special process, they make a particularly pure and fresh “smart water” with added electrolytes.

First, the new product will be available in stores in Italy, Austria, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia and Ireland. According to MTI, the largest soft drink manufacturer in Hungary expects a continuous growing in the following years and they are planning to produce hundreds of million bottles of “smart water” in the future.

“Smart water” is one of the special products of the world’s rapidly expanding water market, which has become the number one premium brand in the United States and in Britain – said Minas Agelidis Coca-Cola HBC Hungary’s managing director.

Source: www.nosalty.hu / www.mti.hu

Photo: www.pixabay.com

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