Special Red Ruffed Lemur Quadruplets Born in Nyíregyháza


In Nyíregyháza Zoo, special red ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) quadruplets were born six weeks ago.The little animals have already had their first visit to the vet. There are two males and two females among them and they are about 350 g each.

Red ruffed lemurs do not carry their babies on their bodies, but they build a nest for their offsprings who, at the age of one or two weeks old, come out of the safe shelter for the first time.

These little ones were born in Nyíregyháza after 100 days of pregnancy, and at first the mother had stayed with her babies for a long time to nurse and protect them. The red ruffed lemur babies are currently six weeks old, and they move with the same skill as adults and taste the sweet, juicy fruits as well.

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Source: www.ng.hu

Photos: MTI / Attila Balázs

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