Mandatory wearing of a mask was ordered at Hajdu-Bihar County Court of Registration Debrecen

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Everyone is obliged to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose when entering and staying in the buildings of the Debrecen Tribunal – read the statement of the tribunal. A judge in a service relationship with a court and a judicial employee are not required to wear a mask when working alone in the office, but they do, outside the office, they detail.

Ban on Visiting the Patient Care Units of Hospitals in Debrecen Has Been Ordered

In the courts, the courtroom protocol is amended to the extent that the wearing of a mask covering the mouth and nose is mandatory for all participants for the entire duration of the procedural act. The chairman of the council may, if necessary, order the removal of the mask in order to establish his identity, for its duration.

The measures will take effect from 29 October 2021.


Debrecen General Court

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