There Was a Huge Fire at Dawn in Pécs, a Two-Storey Factory Building Burned Down Completely

Local News Police

Firefighters from Pécs, Komló and Siklós extinguished the flames.


The building of a two-storey rubber grinding plant of more than two hundred square meters burned entirely in Pécs, at the István mine. In addition to the city’s professional firefighters, help came from Komló and Siklós to put out the flames.

The units extinguished the fire from several sides with seven jets of water.

A gas cylinder was removed from the building.

The spokesman for the Baranya County Disaster Management Directorate said there were 11 fire trucks on the site, including the mobile disaster management lab and the operations service. Nobody injured in the accident. The authorities will launch a fire test to find out the cause of the disaster.


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