Sport and Hiking Center Can Be Built on Misina-tető in Pécs

Local News

As part of an online vote on the development of the Pécs TV tower environment, most people voted for the creation of a sport and hiking center.

In mid-January, the municipality launched a one-month-long online vote among the citizens of Pécs about the development of the TV tower’s environment, the tower is at the top of the Misina.

People could choose between a sport and hiking center on Misina-tető – which is a family-centered community space – and a modern exhibition center showcasing the natural resources of the Mecsek. Finally, among the three concept plans, most people voted for the ideas of the Active Misina. Planning of the developments, according to the announcement, will begin later this year, and visitors to Misina-tető are expected to be able to use the new services by the end of 2022.

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