Exhibitions in December

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Bihari Museum – Berettyóújfalu

You can visit an exhibition of “the poet of Bihar and Békés” István Sinka until the 15th of December.

‘Ifiház’ – Debrecen

An exhibition of modern photography with the title kaTARzis can be visited until the 7th of December. The artworks are made by Patrícia Verbőci, Judit Ugrai and Éva Tartóczki.

Déri Museum – Debrecen

A display collection of ancient Egyptian relics can be visited until the 31st of December. The theme of the exhibition is the unique Egyptian death cult.

Another exhibition about the history of coffee can be visited until the 31st of December also in Déri Museum.

An great exhibition and a kind of performance with a Biblical theme. Title: Play of Light. It can be visited also in the museum until the very last day of 2013.

Élettudományi Galéria (Life Science Building) – University of Debrecen

An exhibition of the graphic artist Pál Fábián can be visited until the 6th of December. The topic of the display: Wrought iron and art.

Community Centre of Józsa

A special exhibition of artworks from Kós Károly Secondary School (Debrecen) can be visited until the 19th of December. The title of the display is Values and Experiences.

Everyone is welcome at the programs!


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