A shocking incident happened at the airport in Tel-Aviv


A couple left their baby at the check-in desk at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport because they did not change the child’s plane ticket – 24.hu noticed the CNN article.

The couple wanted to board a Ryanair flight to Brussels, but they did not buy a ticket for their baby. They were not allowed to board the plane, and the parents decided to leave the baby in the stroller instead.

According to the report of a local employee of Ryanair, the staff watched all this in shock.

“We’ve never seen anything like this. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

– the manager told the Jerusalem Post. The staff then called the police, who caught and questioned the parents.

However, the Israeli airport authority made a slightly different statement about the circumstances of the case. According to them, the couple arrived late at the airport terminal and were unable to check in, but nevertheless tried to get through security, leaving the child alone.


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