Hungarian PM at CPAC: Conservatives Must Unite

“We should unite our forces,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas.

“We Hungarians know how to defeat the enemies of freedom on the political battlefield,” the prime minister said in his keynote speech, adding that if anyone had doubts about whether progressive liberals and communists were the same, “just ask us Hungarians; we have fought them both and I can tell you they are the same.”


“Our values, the nation, Christian roots and family can be successful on the political battlefield, even nowadays, when political life is ruled by liberal hegemony. I’m here to tell you how we made these values successful and mainstream in Hungary,” he said, declaring that the key to success was to fight at one hundred percent. “We tell the truth and represent the truth, even if half the world attacks us for it.” “First and foremost, we need to trust our Judeo-Christian teachings,” he added. “Today’s progressives try to separate Western civilisation from its Christian roots once again. They are crossing a line that should never be crossed. If you separate Western civilisation from its Judeo-Christian heritage, the worst things in history happen,” he said.

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