Supermarket chain in Italy outraged with “woman murder” shirt


Carrefour has sold misogynist t-shirts in a branch in Italy. The supermarket chain apologized for the incident.

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With a misogynist T-shirt, a supermarket chain in Italy has triggered outrage. On the shirt is a woman next to a man who talks to him. “Problem” can be read below.

Next to it is a picture on which the man pushes the woman into an abyss. “Solved” is the name below.

Carrefour apologized for the incident, saying that two T-shirts had accidentally entered a single store in Rome. They were immediately withdrawn, the company said on Saturday.

The two T-shirts had come through a mistake in sales, after the manufacturer had been ordered other imprints, but would have had the same code, said a Carrefour spokesman for the German Press Agency (dpa).

However, the storm of indignation was great – especially violence against women and murder of women in Italy are a big problem.

“In a country where a woman is killed every 72 hours, you sell something like that at Carrefour in Rome, without words, shame,” declared the women’s protection center Casa internazionale delle Donne on Facebook.

“It’s very bad for a company to produce shirts that incite female murder, and it’s even worse if Carrefour sells it in Italy,” Socialist Senator Valeria Fedeli wrote on Twitter. (Ff / dpa)



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