Monkeypox: ECDC publishes rapid risk assessment


The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has published a rapid risk assessment following an outbreak of monkeypox (MPX), affecting the UK, EU/EEA countries, and North America.

The focus of ECDC’s MPX assessment is centred on human-to-human transmission and, to date, EFSA is not aware of any reports of infections in animals (pets or wild animals) in the EU. There is a possible risk of human-to-animal transmission in Europe, therefore close collaboration between human and veterinary public health authorities is needed to manage exposed pets and prevent the disease from being transmitted to wildlife.

EFSA’s experts are following the progress of the MPX outbreak closely with a focus on the possibility of human-to-animal spillover in the EU.

Further information about monkeypox can be found here: WHO: Monkeypox FAQ

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