Áder Opens International Pharma Conference DDRS 2021


President János Áder opened an event dubbed International Conference on Advances in Pharmaceutical Drug Development, Quality Control and Regulatory Sciences (DDRS 2021) in Budapest on Monday. Áder, who is the chief patron of the event, said that Hungary had considerable traditions in drug development and manufacturing and the country’s pharmaceutical industry was among the strongest in Europe.


He cited the company Richter Gedeon which celebrated its 120th anniversary this year and currently produces some 200 types of drugs sold in 80 countries.

Béla Merkely, the rector of Semmelweis University, told the event that it attracted representatives from 45 countries, offering a good opportunity for expert meetings, the exchange of international knowledge and establishing new ties. One of the university’s main research targets is early diagnostics and therapy, which is closely related to the conference’s theme, he added.

Imre Klebovich, the chairman of the event, said that the conference had been postponed twice because of Covid but the current event attracted some 250 experts from five continents.




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