European Court Ruling Against Hungary Over Detention of Refugees ‘Political Pressure’


The Court of Justice of the European Union’s recent ruling, condemning Hungary for keeping refugees in detention at the country’s southern border equals to “exerting political pressure” so that Hungary should change its border control practice and migration policy, György Bakondi, the prime minister’s chief security advisor, told public television M1.

Answering a question, Bakondi insisted that “George Soros’s civil organisations”, Europe’s left-liberal parties, as well as the European Union’s administration “have been bent on facilitating that migrants could freely cross Hungary” without any border control, and that “the political goals of strangers are promoted in Hungary rather than the will of Hungarians”.

Bakondi said that the Hungarian government would not change its “proven” migration policy. Bakondi also warned that illegal migration could become more “dynamic” once coronavirus-related restrictions are eased in Europe.


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