ENISA Threat Landscape 2020: Cyber Attacks Becoming More Sophisticated, Targeted, Widespread and Undetected

Threat landscape maps Malware standing strong as #1 Cyber Threat in the EU, with an increase in Phishing, Identity Theft, Ransomware; Monetisation holding its place as cyber criminals’ top motivation; and the COVID-19 environment fuelling attacks on homes, businesses, governments and critical infrastructure.

Investor citizenship schemes: European Commission opens infringements against Cyprus and Malta for “selling” EU citizenship

Today, the European Commission is launching infringement procedures against Cyprus and Malta by issuing letters of formal notice regarding their investor citizenship schemes also referred to as “golden passport” schemes.

New UK Ambassador to Hungary Aims to Strenghten Bilateral Cooperation

The United Kingdom’s new ambassador to Hungary, Paul Fox, said his aim during his tenure in his post would be to “maintain and further strengthen the friendship and collaboration” between the two countries. In an introductory video on Facebook, Fox named climate change, environment protection, trade, investment, academic and scientific cooperation, strengthening shared democratic values, […]