At the EU level, food prices have risen the most in Hungary, and it is not over yet


In Hungary, the highest food inflation in the Union was measured in August compared to a year ago: bread, meat, cheese, and many basic foods rose in price the most in our country.

The price of bread rose by far the fastest in our country: according to Eurostat data, bread was 66 percent more expensive in August than a year ago. In the second place, in Lithuania, the bread price increase was only half as large.

The president of the Hungarian Bakers’ Association told our RTL news station:

bread prices continue to rise, as the increase in flour prices has not yet stopped.

The price of flour has tripled, energy prices, wages, and logistics costs have also increased to a very large extent, and according to their information, the rise in the price of flour has not stopped yet, as mill industry companies are planning to raise it in October as well.

Food Inflaiton:

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