Half of Hungarian Spas May Close Due to Energy Prices

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The spas of Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló and Nyíregyháza are also in danger.


Half of the domestic spas may close by the first half of next year due to the drop in the number of guests and the rise in energy prices, Index has written. Zoltán Kántás, the president of the Hungarian Bath Association, commented on the situation that the energy crisis could reach Hungary’s most popular swimming pools and spas, and they could easily be closed. He said that in addition to energy prices, a serious decline in guest traffic must also be expected.

Index writes that Zoltán Kántás thinks it will be risky to continue operating the baths in the previous way. According to the survey carried out by the spa association, the vast majority of spas see the limitation of services as inevitable from September.

It seems that the spas of Hévíz, Bük, Sárvár, Debrecen, Hajdúszoboszló, Nyíregyháza, Harkány and Gyula are in danger.

According to Zoltán Kántás, the closures may be temporary. The situation can be greatly helped by the fact that the spa association will meet Péter Horváth, the head of the Hungarian Tourist Agency, to whom specific proposals will be made.


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