Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Dies at 65


Paul Allen’s investment company announced the death of the 65-year-old billionaire on Monday (15th of October).The 65-year-old billionaire died in his hometown in Seattle on Monday due to complications associated with cancer.

Paul Allen and Bill Gates, another founder of Microsoft, were childhood friends and founded Microsoft in 1975. The name of the company was Allen’s idea. In 1982, Allen resigned from Microsoft due to a serious illness, and in 2000 he resigned from the company’s board membership as well. Then, he created an investment company called Vulcan, bought two football teams and a basketball club and created three research institutes. One institute deals with brain research, the other with cell research, and the third deals with artificial intelligence-related researches.

The businessman was the 44th richest billionaire on this year’s list of Forbes Magazine, he had 21.7 billion USD.



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