New language courses of the University

Economy University

All the 15 faculties of the university are concerned in the project that develops second and third language acquisition.

445 million Forints is given by the European Union to realize the project.

According to Dr. István Gaál, 75% of the active population does not speak any foreign languages, however it would be inevitable in many aspects, for instance in economic development. The purpose of this project is to reach more than 2400 students and to build 12 language laboratories. 45 language teachers of the 15 faculties will work together on this development.

Attila Nagy, leader of the project said that from the given money, professional training courses would be held for language teachers, since it would be crucial to satisfy the labor market’s demand: to have a more usable knowledge of foreign languages.

International companies, such as National Instruments, IT Services, TEVA and KITE are also participating in the project.




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