Coldplay Goes Green – They Will Not Go on a Tour


British music band, Coldplay will not go on a tour to present their new album, Everyday Life, because band members are worried about the environmental burden of their concerts.

“We need some time to see how a tour could have positive effects on the environment,” said Chris Martin, Coldplay’s singer.

The band is having two shows today in Amman, the capital of Jordan, which can be followed live on the Internet. One was held at sunrise and the other one will be held at sunset, featuring two halves of their new album entitled Everyday Life. The album has been released today (22nd of November).

The band last toured around the world in 2016-2017, giving 122 concerts on four continents.

Coldplay will also give a concert at the London Museum of Science on the 25th of November, with all of their income going to environmental organizations.



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