Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premier on 15 April


Date: 15 April at 20.00-21.30

Venue: University of Pécs, Medical School



To all you GOT fans out there ❄❄ The awaited day is coming👑👑 ESN & EHÖK with the help of Aniko Berta of EGSC brings to you the premier of GAME OF THRONES Season 8, For all of us to watch together and share our passion and love towards GOT 💪💪 So…review the past seasons and let’s meet on Monday the 15th of April, at 8 pm, in lecture room 1 of the medical school to watch the Season Finale Opening episode together 💞💞

PLEASE be there 30 minutes earlier to get THE BEST SEAT in the room.

P.S Try not to watch it or spoil it for yourself or anyone around you 😜😜

Everyone is welcome to join 😎 Its FREE!!!!

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